Great Green & Gorgeous

Here is 1 Very Rare Gretsch Drum set
Are you looking for something you won't
see in everyone else's collection? Here it is!

Perhaps the rarest of all RB era set finishes

This set in SOOOOO Green!

Sizes of this Late Round Badge era set are:
8"x12" 9"x13" rack toms
16"x16" Floor tom
14"x22" bass drum
The finish and Chrome are very clean

Did I say how sweet this set looks! All the sets finish have great seams and are in
VG+ condition with only minimal set up marks and the coloration !
well you can see what they look like!

Now these drums sound just as lovely and tune up with Remo heads to a beautiful
cascade of sonic pleasure from the 12" tom to  the 22" bass drum,

Collectors Notes:
Gretsch RB era Double tom sets are very hard to find as they were produced in very limited
numbers and often issued with two similar size tome i.e. 2 12 or 2 13"  so
the set is quite unique in its configuration

As a the worlds largest volume buyer and seller of Vintage Gretsch in particular this is the first and only known RB era set in this finish which I can track down in the market or a collection . While the SSB era turn upon the oddoccasion in Green or Red Pearl the RB era stuff was limited to only a year or so in
production and the numbers produced very small.

This is a great chance to own a fabulous set of drums that could reside
proudly in any players arsenal or collection

Hardware includes:
Gretsch Die Cast Hoops on the 12" 13" and 16"
 2 pad mufflers on 12" 13" 16" toms
Dual Rail style Double tom post assembly and original bass drum spurs
Orifginal FT legs also included
All badges are present and have not been tampered with
Pratt Muffler on Bass drum with Factory Felt


This all sounds so Great doesn't it?  IT IS! However a few minute things of mention

The front hoop is a Natural 70's era gretsch and the Rear hoop is a more modern keller reproduction
At some point the interiors were painted black but the stickers have been cleaned off for authentication purposes and the interiors resprayed a proper silver for the era.
Also the bottom of the bass drum does exhibit some small shrinkage splits as is common in this and The Red Pearl ( odd the Blue didn't have this trouble so much) This can be seen above