Here is a True Historic Treasure
This set was originally one of the Sets from "BIRDLAND" and more than likely
has been utilized by some of the greatest drummers in history
This was purchased finished in original Caddy Green with Gold Hardware from a well known vintage drum dealer. The owner, a professional musician loved the sound but thought it was ugly and
not presentable in a performance setting so he had it professionally restored...
 can you believe it!
 I was told the vintage dealer did express his shock and his .. well.....

This set in its original states would in no doubt be one of the most desired of all collectible
 Gretsch drums given its history and that history was only added to in its restoration.
 I had thought of possible full restoration on this set back to Caddy Green and gold but alas I have no
time for such a project at this point. This set is certainly worthy of just such an effort and
I am hoping to find the right Gretsch aficionado to do just that.

Now for the set
Classic 1950's Gretsch 3 ply
This is one superb set of drums

 sizes are 8" x 12" 9" x 13" 14" x 14" and 14" x 20" plus matching snare!
The Drums are melodious
When the set was restored  60's era die cast and all chrome Broadkaster lugs were
 used to replace the worn gold fittings likewise with the Gladstone floor tom leg mounts,
T's, claws and bass drum cymbal mount. The Pratt muffler is not shown but is included.
 Yamaha tom mounts were also installed at this time to allow for optimum tom placement.
A Lightning throw off replaced the microsensitive though the drum still features
the original single point butt end