Progressive Jazz 3 ply Set
This is an excellent opporitunity for anyone seeking a factory matched 3 ply set
These are becoming harder and harder to find
Gorgeous original Black Diamond Pearl Finish
3 Ply shells
And in the most desired sies
8" x 12" 14" x 14" 14" x 20" with matching 4" x 14" Max Roach Progressive Jazz snare drum
These unfaded beatuies sound every bit as good as they look.
Perfect factory edges on each and every drum
All Lugs arnd rods are in Great shape and the drums tune effortlessly, No head seating issues here!
8" x 12" tom
Chrome over brass hoops
Small broadkaster lugs
twin dual pad mufflers
Diamond Plate tom mount
Original tension rods, badge and tack
No seam lift and edges are perfect!
14" x 14" Floor tom
Chrome over brass hoops ( will also ship with original issue first generation die cast hoops)
Small broadkaster lugs
twin dual pad mufflers
Gladstone FT leg mounts
Original FT legs in remarkable condition!
Original tension rods
, badge and tack
No seam lift and edges are perfect!

14" x 20" Bass drum
Chrome over Brass Bass drum Ts and claws
Pratt Muffler
W&A Gretsch rail mount
Gretsch Diamond plate mount for cymbal L arm complete with 
an excellent condition Gretsch cymbal L arm
No seam lift and edges are perfect!
 This drum was oddly drilled with 1 hole near the muffler assembly and may have
 been a factory error as it seems unrelational to any hardware change and its position
would lend me to thinking it might have been an errant muffler hole drilling
It is plugged and capped  with era correct BDP , see the close up Tension knob
picture for a close-up
 Disapearing spurs and mounts are present and in top form
original hoops withfactory gloss Lacquer finish and complete inlays
Original  badge and  Grommet
PLUS!! The Original calf skin Gretsch batter head will also be included!

4" x 14" Max roach Progressive Jazz model Snare drum

Original Gretsch Microsensitive throw off which works excellent
 The drum came in with this extended arm which was normally issued on 6 1/2" deep drums
 I will ship the drum with the shorter model or the longer at the buyers preference
Original Gretsch Single point fast tension butt end which works excellent
Original Gretsch Twin Pad Knob tension muffler
Original tension rods and washers
Original Gretsch Broakaster lugs with nice chrome w light pitting except for 2 of the rear
 lugs which feature much more pitting from sitting on its side in a case for so many years there is also some pitting in the same area on the hoop

Original Gretsch Logo Responso snare drum wires
The bearing edges are also factory original and the drum sounds great!
The Finish  has a  tight seam, and a great glossy finish