Here is a fabulous find for the Vintage enthusiast & a Gem of a find for avid Collectors!
I really wish I could keep this one for myself but alas here it is

100% Original Round Badge era Gretsch drum set

This is an amazing find!

Tension rods, washers, screws, heads and even rubber feet
Every piece is Factory Gretsch issued from the 1960's
Overall this set is in true "Time Capsule" condition
The set is Glowing
 The original factory Applied Blue Glass Glitter Finish is in Impeccable condition and there
is not 1 single scratch to be found any where on the drums. Quite a Statement in itself!
The Blue Glass Glitter Finish is unfaded and due to the sporadic nature of the Glass sparkles
throws of light in a magnificent display! These rich finishes are much deeper in appearance and
much, much nicer than your everyday Blue Sparkle made up of Glitter flecks

Another tell tale sign of this miraculous finds ultra clean condition is the Black lacquer bass drum hoops
which are still ultra glossy! Also if you take a look at the pics you can see the only wear is a 1" almost invisible  mark  where the bass pedal mounted 1 time!
 The chrome is also in great shape, Factory die cast hoops, lugs and mounts all are bright and clean.
Both toms feature dual pad mufflers
Bass drum rail and cymbal L arm are also the original issue factory items and are also in excellent condition.

Did I say how sharp this set looks! Gushing? Well yes!
This is a beautiful matched set in almost unbelievable condition!

 The sizes are 8"x12" 16"x16" and 14"x20"

 Again let me re-state the low down
 This set is 100% intact the way it left the Gretsch factory in the 60's
With only light playtime on the heads and I am talking a few hrs tops this is a real closet classic
Zero fade

 This is in out of the closet condition!
Add to its current illustrious condition A light detailing  & you will indeed put these in the Mint condition category
In seeking to fully represent the set I had to search real hard to find something on the down side or negative about
the set and found only a slight seam discoloration in pic 8 which is quite minimal and common on this era finishes

That aside this set is gorgeous and will be sure to please both Sonically and Visually
and will only continue to appreciate in value all the while providing the
inspiration and pride of ownership associated with the rich history of the
Great Instruments Produced by Fred Gretsch in the 1960's

This set will be packed safely and shipped in the US 48 for $55
Shipping to the UK and Japan  will be $235 US AIR POST others please inquire